Will you be lucky in love?

February 13, 2013, 4:39 pm Margot Carmichael Lester | Match.com Yahoo!7

What does Cupid have in store for you this Valentine's Day?

Will you be lucky in love?
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Valentine’s Day is the ultimate romantic holiday, though some people like it less than others. Take this quick love quiz to find out if you'll be lucky in love on February 14...

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1. When it comes to romance, you’re:

• Resigned to being “single and loving it.” (1 point)
• Desperate to find a partner before you’re “past your prime.” (2 points)
• Trying to keep hope alive. (3 points)
• Sure romance is out there and willing to work to find it. (4 points)

• Bitter after so many failed attempts, and convinced it’ll never happen. (-1 point)

2. You’ve discovered a pattern to your failed relationships, so you:

• Blame it on your previous partners, those (fill in your expletive of choice). (1 point)
• Admit you weren’t perfect, but your partners were far worse. (2 points)
• Acknowledge your part in the failures, but haven’t figured out what to do about it. (3 points)
• Understand your role in the relationships and have taken steps to avoid similar patterns next time. (4 points)

• Pattern? What pattern? (-1 point)

3. How do you feel about yourself?

• Two words: Self-loathing. (1 point)
• I vacillate between states of confidence and insecurity. (2 points)
• I’ve got some issues, but while I work through them I can search for someone. (3 points)
• I’m like James Brown, baby: “I feel good! I knew that I would!” (4 points)

• I’m vastly superior to most people. (-1 point)

4. You spy a cute dating prospect in the floral section of the supermarkete. What do you do?

• Nothing; it would never work out. (1 point)
• Spend so long crafting an opening line that you lose your chance to say anything. (2 points)
• Approach; maybe your carts will bump on accident. (3 points)
• Speak by delivering your best icebreaker, or ask who’s getting the flowers. (4 points)

• Stare broken-heartedly. Sure, it’s creepy, but it’s better than pretending to pick through the produce. (-1 point)

5. A close friend wants to set you up on a blind date. You:

• Decline the offer, because those things never work out. (1 point)
• Flash back to the last disastrous blind date you went on and start sweating profusely. (2 points)
• Feel a little uncertain and say you’ll think about it. (3 points)
• Agree to go. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? (4 points)
• Recoil in horror and refuse to even consider it. (-1 point)

Scoring Guide

Less than 0 points: With your attitude, you’ll have trouble attracting anyone. Get to work on coming out of your shell before making another move.

0-5 points: You’re pretty negative about yourself and dating. If you improve them, your dating chances will improve, too!

6-10 points: Your confidence and outlook go back and forth. For a better dating life, find some middle ground.

11-15 points: Looking good. You’re pretty sure of yourself and your romantic outlook, so you should also have good dating luck this season.

16-20 points: Desirable to the max, baby! You’re ready for love and are willing to do what it takes to find it this year.

Margot Carmichael Lester is a US freelance writer who met her husband online. For more dating advice visit Match.com

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