• Top 5 New Year’s resolutions every couple should make

Date night

It can be all too easy to get wrapped up in work and stuck in the routine of the gym, slobbing on the sofa or housework. But what about each other? Do you factor in time to be in one another’s company on a regular basis?

When was the last time you spent some quality, uninterrupted time together to do those things that couples do best; a romantic meal for two, a trip to the cinema or the theatre, a leisurely picnic or a weekend getaway?

It’s about time to schedule in a date night each week or fortnight to ensure you still have fun together and catch up – just because you live with someone and see them every day doesn’t mean you can skimp on the real stuff.

So, arrange a night that suits your schedules to turn off your phones, ignore Facebook and live in the now with the one you love.

Now, start as you mean to go on and go run a bubble bath and light some candles!Top 5 New Year’s resolutions every couple should make

Photo by Getty Images Jan 2, 2013

Top 5 New Year’s resolutions every couple should make

Whether there are lessons to be learned from the previous year, or if you just fancy a challenge or a change, making New Year’s resolutions can be really rewarding – particularly as a couple. This year, instead of the usual ‘give up chocolate and booze’ resolution, why not make some post-Christmas pledges as a couple instead?