1. Get Active

Feeling good about being naked doesn't necessarily mean losing weight or bulking up; it can be about the way you perceive your body. Taking up a new activity, like dancing, spinning or weight lifting can do just that. By using your body to move more gracefully or cycle faster you should begin to relate to it on a physical level, opposed to a purely aesthetical one. You will be able to see the perks of your long arms or your bulky ankles and hopefully break some of the negative associations you currently have. If you try to see your body as a tool, rather than a symbol of attractiveness, your perception and judgement should alter and your confidence will soar. Realbuzz's top 10 ways to boost your confidence

Photo by Getty Apr 4, 2012

5 ways to feel better naked

Many of us cringe at the thought of wearing a swimsuit on the beach, so it might be time to admit we have a few confidence-issues with our bodies. Here are 5 ways you can put a stop to the embarrassment and feel better... naked!