Primary school student's paper on marriage equality goes viral

April 26, 2013, 10:38 am Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine Yahoo!7

Here's what happened when an anonymous ten year old took on the complicated issue of marriage equality.

Fourth grader s essay on marriage equality goes viral

Photo: Reddit

There was a time when a great school essay earned a place on mum and dad's fridge. Today, it can spark a national political conversation and land a place in internet history. 
That's what happened when an anonymous primary school student opted to tackle the complicated issue of marriage equality - and managed to boil it down to its most basic point.’

"Why gay people should be able to get married is you can't stop two adult's [sic] from getting married because there [sic] grown and it doesn't matter if it creeps you out just get over it," the student wrote.

The teacher was so impressed that he posted it on Reddit on Wednesday, saying that the student shows "More sense than some adults."

"He chose his topic," the teacher, who goes by "rafa3l2," wrote. "I am following the school's curriculum for writing. We attempt to write in a different style every week."

After gaining more than 400 comments on Reddit, the paper caught the attention of some major national news sites in the US. Salon's Katie McDonough even called it the "world's most perfect argument in support of marriage equality." 

Here's the 4th-grader's essay, exactly as written:

Why gay people should be able to get married is you can’t stop two adult’s from getting married because there grown and it doesn’t matter if it creeps you out just get over it. And you should be happy for them because it’s a big momment in their life. When I went to my grandparents wedding it was the happies momment.

As you can see gay people should have the right to get married and you shouldn’t judge other peoples lives because if you was gay you wouldn’t want people talking about you.

It's not the first hand-written message of acceptance to strike a chord with a massive online audience. In March, a dad's loving Post-It note to his son, who was preparing to come out, went viral. 

This young child's essay is making a similar impact. Still, the teacher who shared it with the world thought it could have used a little more polish.

Other Redditors were quick to praise the kid's handwriting and point out spelling errors, and his teacher agreed that spelling was an issue.

"I gave a C based on the rubric. Each paragraph is supposed to have four sentences, the introduction did not follow the guidelines and there are spelling and grammar mistakes," his teacher explained. But he "Did follow the guidelines of choosing a topic, picking a side, and sticking to it," his teacher wrote.

The teacher explained, "If you were to see this particular student's writing samples from the beginning of the year, you could see that even writing in paragraph form and with some semblance of sentences is a big deal. It is also extremely neat. The biggest challenge is not even the spelling and grammar, but getting them to not write like they talk. As you read that, you are basically listening to the student speak. All of this is reflected in his grade and the comments I attached."

Still, he's proud enough of the student's essay to share it with the world. "I'm not sharing this because of how perfect the sentences are," his teacher added, "but because of how clear his thought process is on this specific issue."

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