The nose-tube diet

April 18, 2012, 11:30 am Laura Parr lifestylechannels

Many anxious brides are taking the pre-wedding weight loss to a whole new level with a 10-day liquid diet fed through a nose-tube.

The nose-tube diet

Credit: a still from Dr Di Pietro's video

A US doctor has created a stir for formulating the KE Diet (Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet) - a diet that involves liquids being fed to the stomach through nose-tubes.

Dr Oliver Di Pietro created a video explaining the diet, showing how a nasogastric tube is inserted into the stomach via the nose, constantly depositing a liquid solution (a mix of protein, fat and water). Meanwhile over the 10 day period, dieters carry around with them a bag containing the liquid. Each bag contains 800 calories a day, and is said to work through ketosis - a process that burns fat, not muscle, through the lack of calories.

Lose weight just by walking

Dr Di Pietro has promised dieters that they will lose 20 pounds in 10 days, and it's proven to be a popular quick-option for brides determined to lose weight before their big day.

“Patients typically burn around two pounds of fat per day. In every 100,000 patients I treated in Europe, nearly every one lost 20lbs in 10 days. It’s absolutely painless – the stage of ketosis causes no pain. In fact, during the ketosis stage, you feel no hunger and have a suppressed appetite,” he says in the promotional video.

He lists the only real side effects as bad breath and constipation, while many nutritionists are much more cautious about the potential serious health risks the quick-fix diet could pose.

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Baylor University Nutritionist Suzy Weems says the long-term effects need to be considered when looking at the KE Diet.

“It seems very extreme because of its potential for infections and irritation. It seems to be illogical to do this for one fairy-tale day when most brides have plenty of time before their weddings to lose weight in a healthy way. The long-term solution to maintain a good weight is to eat right and exercise,” Weems said.

Along with kidney problems and lack of energy, other experts have pointed out the potentially fatal risk that misplacing the tube into the lungs instead of stomach could cause, as well as later problems with fertility that such an extreme diet could create.

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox's strange diet

While this diet is certainly one of the most extreme, it's definitely not alone on the list of the weird and wacky. Victoria's Secret Angel Heidi Klum and Fergie have been both linked to the Apple Cider Vinegar diet, where drinking three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal is said to curb cravings. Then there's the cotton balls diet, where models and dancers have been known to eat cotton balls to feel full, but instead pose a huge risk to their own health, because cotton can't be digested.

There are also the followers of Breatharianism - people who believe water and food is unnecessary and that survival can be on spirituality and sunlight alone - as well as Freegans; those who adopt a vegan diet and at the same time, will only eat second-hand food they can find for free.

Our resident health blogger Libby Babet warns against crash diets, which cause your body to go into starvation mode and leads to further weight gain. The science of fat loss explains why extreme dieting doesn't work.

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The Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges has five pre-wedding workout tips that will keep the kilos off for good. "I know the score," tells Michelle to Bride to Be magazine. "You want the kilos to come off quicker than your nightie on wedding night!" Here are my top five tips:

1. Sweat it out!

Sweat If you work-out and don't cough up a lung or two at the end, then, sister, you ain't going hard enough. Do 45 minutes of kick-arse training, six days a week.

2. Interval train

Incorporate interval training in your cardio sessions Elevate your heart rate for about 20 seconds, then pull back for 40. Use your local oval – just jog the long bits and sprint the short bits.

3. Spring out of bed

Train in the morning Your glycogen levels will be depleted so you're more likely to burn fat at this time.

4. Area focus

Organise your weight training train a lower body part for your first set and an upper body part for the second set. It will make your heart pump harder and so you'll burn more kilojoules.

5. Get a personal trainer

Pick an angry steely faced dude that clearly does not take 'no' for an answer and then tell him he gets a $50 bonus for every kilo he gets off you.

Do you think dieting has gone too far?

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  1. Glenn02:28pm Monday 23rd April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    So other than embarrassing you with a feeding tube, how is this different from any other 800 cal/day "diet"? Some people do that all the time. They're called 'anorexic.'

  2. Terrell D02:24pm Saturday 21st April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Stop the madness trying to fit a size 8 when you're actually a size 14. Brides are beautiful in size 14.

  3. Brian08:36pm Wednesday 18th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Absolutely disgusting!!!! Exactly what is this going to teach our young??? My cousin and his wife have a 14 month old who was born premature and is still being tube fed, what they would do to have a normal baby and these UNGRATEFUL woman want to do it. Yes I understand every woman wants to look her best on their big day BUT they should look real not pretenders and really beauty is within.

  4. larry08:35pm Wednesday 18th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I think it's OK ! These women are willing to sacrifice themselves for their wedding day. With their new figure, dress,hair and cosmetic makeovers they will look great on their big day. If they have played their cards right and their spouse is horny enough or pissed or both the bad breath won't be an issue when it comes to the big one. Go girls this maybe the only time in your life that you attain your actual normal size..

  5. Julie08:34pm Wednesday 18th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    honey, if he doesn't want to marry you as you are then ditch the xxxxx and move on

  6. Leish08:28pm Wednesday 18th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    worse dieting option ive heard!

  7. Michael08:08pm Wednesday 18th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    The world is just becoming more and more a stupid place to live.Bring on space travel and leave all the idiots behind on earth.............

  8. Frao05:25pm Wednesday 18th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I'm an ICU nurse. Nasogastric feeds in something we do to critically ill patients with difficulty meeting their nutritional needs, not lazy, vapid and vain idiots who are willing to go to these lengths to lose weight. Eat well, exercise and stop making excuses. This is just ridiculous and a shonky doctor is making a mint out of stupidity once again. Disgusting. Guaranteed my partner would think twice about marrying me if I strutted in with a nasogastric tube insitu.

  9. cheekyoziechick05:22pm Wednesday 18th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Yeah..this is a great idea. IF YOU'RE BLOODY SICK! How dumb does this world get? I don't even want to know..but I am really annoyed at my mother right now for bringing me into this pathetic human world.

  10. kepeyeon U05:15pm Wednesday 18th April 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Note Real Men prefer Curves only dogs go For Bones


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