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Need to exercise on the go these holidays? Perfect. Try these three killer moves to keep you on track while you travel.

Advanced Front Plank

By Dennan Chew, Senior RFK Instructor – Elxir Health Clubs

Three core-conditioning exercises you can do anywhere during the holiday period.

These exercises will tone and strengthen your abs, arms, legs, back and butt and you’ll burn calories in the process.

They can all be done in a matter of minutes, and you will see and feel results doing them just twice a week (though you could do them every day if you wish).

With each exercise: remember to breathe, make it look easy (at least try) and imagine your favourite instructor is watching you with scrupulous eyes!

Photography Elixr Health Clubs

Side Plank

1. Sit sideways on the floor and straighten your legs

2. Place your palm directly below your shoulder (or elbow if you have wrist issues) and your top foot in front of your other foot.

3. Press your hand and feet into the floor to lift your pelvis up (keeping it square). Lift your other arm into the air and gaze directly forward (not up to the ceiling).

4. Hold for 10-20 seconds then rest and switch sides.

Perform 2-4 sets.

Photography Elixr Health Clubs

Advanced Front Plank

1. Place your hand on the floor directly below your shoulders and straighten your legs

2. Press your hand and toes into the ground to elevate your body - though if you have any wrist issues, support your body on your forearms instead of your palm).

3. Maintain a neutral spine then raise one leg slightly off the ground, keeping your pelvis straight (peak at your pelvis frequently to ensure this).

4. Hold this for 3-5 seconds then switch legs.

Continue the leg rising for 10-30 seconds then rest.

Perform 2-4 sets.

Photography Elixr Health Clubs

Back Plank

1. Rest your hands (or elbows if you have wrist issues) on the ground beneath your shoulder blades.

2. Push your hands and heels into the floor to lift your hips into the air.

3. Squeeze your glutes (bum) intensely to raise your hips as high as possible.

4. Hold for 10-30 seconds then rest

Perform 2-4 sets

A Short Simple Circuit to Tone up and Burn Calories!

You can alternate between these exercises with a few added activities for a super-quick and effective workout (10 mins and you’re whole body is done and dusted).

(1) Side Planks
(2) Back Plank
(3) Advanced Front Plank
(4) Lunges or Squats (15 seconds)
(5) Skip or jog on the spot (15 seconds)

(6) Repeat... if you’re game!

Check out the Elixr Facebook page for our ‘Exercises of the Week’! They can also be performed anywhere, anytime. Plus the muscle toning process is accelerated when you mix it up with new exercises.

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