How to make New Year's resolutions work for you

January 2, 2013, 12:23 pm Amie Higgs Yahoo!7

Break your resolutions down into smaller, more achievable goals and the bigger picture will ultimately take care of itself.

How to make New Year s resolutions work for you

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by Amie Higgs, General Manager at Elixr Health Clubs

The New Year is typically a time that we all reassess the year that was and also establish and our goals for the coming year.

New Year’s resolutions often ignite someone into action and can be the instigators of change. However I’m a realist and often witnessed my friends, family and clients making fitness based resolutions which will require big changes in habit or time commitments to pull them off.

In all my years as a personal trainer, it’s this time of year which can spark the greatest amounts of enthusiasm and focus and I must admit professionally I have been known to take advantage of this from time to time! (and by all means so should you).

Make them easily achievable and obtainable which will help develop a sense of achievement versus catastrophic failure!

Having a fitness goal is important and having a plan on how to get there is also important, but being consistent with that plan is the golden ticket to success.

Often we think big instead of breaking our goals down into small achievable tasks – why not think about just taking care of your next meal, your next training session etc and do this consistently over a period of time? We tend to forget that by doing this the bigger picture will ultimately take care of itself.

It’s our mindset and outlook that determines whether we succeed with our fitness goals or not. Use the energy and inspiration of starting a new year to set yourself goals but more importantly make the commitment to yourself that you will achieve them.

When you find yourself lacking enthusiasm, take yourself back to the place where you started, and re-establish that inspiring connection and commitment that you made to yourself. Even those of us who seemingly have the fitness thing mastered may still suffer from a lack in motivation from time to time, and that’s OK.

I always take advantage of these situations and view it as a time to shake my training up, rethink my goals and perhaps try a new sport or way of training – the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination and willingness to try new things.

If something is just not working for you or it’s become routine or just plain hard work then you need to find something that makes you feel great if it’s to remain as part of your lifestyle in the long term.

Regardless of what your fitness New Year's resolutions are, consider the following to set yourself up for success in 2013:

• Choose an exercise type that you find enjoyable
• Look at the big picture - but set smaller, more achievable goals along the way (set yourself up for success not failure).
• Make a commitment to yourself to be consistent

• Remember that any change that helps improve your health and wellbeing is a worthwhile one.

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