The foodie's guide to a healthy New Year

January 17, 2013, 3:57 pm Laura Minford Yahoo!7

Health guru Laura Minford shares her food-loving guide to a healthy 2013.

The foodie s guide to a healthy New Year

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If you're like me and you LOVE food, here's a nifty little guide to shaping up this New Year, minus the dieting. Yep, you can actually celebrate food and get healthy, all at the same time.

1. Make friends with food

Food is NOT the enemy; banish the word 'diet' from your vocab and think healthy, moderate eating instead!

2. Make your own food

Get to know your ingredients and influence what ends up on your plate; you'll save money too! Win win.

3. Focus on the 'experience'

If you enjoy what you eat, you're less likely to fall victim to the 'restrict and binge' cycle. The key is moderation.

4. Reinvent your favourite 'naughty' dishes

Put a healthy spin on them. For example, if you like ice cream, try making it with coconut milk and stevia instead.

5. Keep it social
You don't have to go cold turkey (forgive the pun) and eat alone post-festivities. Get your friends involved in a healthy feast with a 'bring a dish' date. Who said eating had to be a solo activity?

And there you have it, a lovely little guide to getting healthy minus the diet factor...

Food is here to be enjoyed after all!

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