Four-week bikini body challenge: Week 4

February 13, 2013, 8:00 am Libby Babet Yahoo!7

You made it! Today get ready for the final part of our four-week fitness video series.

Four-week bikini body challenge: Week 4

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Today is the final part to our four-week fitness video series. How have you been going with it all? Feeling fit, strong and bikini-ready?

In our last workout together, we’re going to do a series of core-strengthening moves using an exercise ball. If you don’t have one, you can simply grab yourself one from your local Rebel, or online at

Why does this workout kick serious butt?

This workout combines the benefits of core control with the calorie-blasting effect of a good interval session. The result? A sexy set of abs, truly worthy of showing off not only on Bondi, but on the beaches of Thailand, Bali, Fiji, the Maldives. Actually, you better think about booking a holiday (or two) to show off your BUF abs, beauties!

What you’ll need...

You, an exercise ball, maybe a mat. That’s it!

The bikini body workout

Watch the video for a full demonstration

You’ll have four separate sets to work through. In each set, you’ll have an exercise ball exercise and a cardio exercise assigned. In each of the sets, you’ll do one full minute of the intense cardio, then 10 repetitions of an exercise ball movement. Then, go back to the same cardio interval and repeat the ball movement for eight repetitions. After one final cardio hit and a short round of just six repetitions of the same ball movement, you’ll take a breather and move on to the next set, where you’ll get a new core move and cardio exercise and will repeat the same process, working down from 10.
Cardio: one minute traditional cardio of choice: run around your local oval, sprint up and down the beach, or cycle as fast as you can in the gym. Up to you!
Ball: Push-up + Single Knee TucksSET 2
Cardio: Repeat as many times as you can in one minute: 10 x Side-Side Lunge Jumps, 5 x Exploding Star Burpees, 2 x Surfer Leap Ups
Ball: Glute Raise with Hamstring CurlSET 3
Cardio: T-Runs
Ball: Double Fit Ball Crawlers (left/right = 1 rep), OR Tucks/Pikes… whatever level you’re at!SET 4
Cardio: Repeat as many times as you can in one minute: 10 x Mountain Climbers, 10 x High Knees, 10 x Thrusters, 10 x High Knees.
Ball: Fit Ball Pass (Hands-to-Feet = 1 rep)
If you missed the previous workouts, here you go...
These workouts are a selection from the Bottoms Up! Fitness “BUF Bikini Overhaul” program. To find out more about Libby and her team, go to Bottomsupfitness

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