Four-week bikini body challenge: Week 3

February 7, 2013, 12:00 am Libby Babet Yahoo!7

We're at the halfway mark! Get ready for part-three of the beach-body workout.

Four-week bikini body challenge: Week 3

How are you going with the challenge so far? Seeing results?

This week we're going to be playing with balls - as in medicine balls. Using this handy weighted ball as part of the workout helps target and tone your body from every possible angle. And medicine balls are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can buy to kick-start your home gym - you can easily pick one up at Rebel, steal your little bro’s soccer ball, or just use another weight, like a dumbbell, water bottle, or backpack filled with something heavy instead.

Why does this workout kick serious butt?

A cracking bikini bod requires a lean, active core and great posture – this week we use a medicine ball to create instability as you move through key exercises, and to force you to engage all those ‘show off’ muscles around your midsection.

What you'll need...

Set your alarm for 25 minutes. You’ll have nine exercises to do (below). You’ll do 10 reps of each of them, back-to-back, then when you reach the end you’ll start all over again. Aim to get through the full workout as many times as you can in 25 minutes.

The bikini body workout

Watch the video for a full demonstration

1. Rollover Push-up
2. Russian Twist with Ab Extensions
3. Ball Balanced Burpees
4. Around The Worlds (change directions after 5 reps)
5. Frontal Woodchoppers
6. Donkey Kong Roll Ups with Jump-Press
7. Hip Raises (10 per side)
8. Above Head Run (just one run, roughly 100m – so 50m out/back!)
9. Lunge Jumps with Twists (ball travels over front leg)
Watch week one bikini-body workout video.Watch week two bikini body workout video.Watch week four bikini body workout videoThese workouts are a selection from the Bottoms Up! Fitness “BUF Bikini Overhaul” program. To find out more about Libby and her team, visit Bottoms Up Fitness

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