Four-week bikini body challenge: Week 2

February 5, 2013, 8:00 am Libby Babet Yahoo!7

Fitness guru Libby Babet takes you through part two of the bikini-body workout challenge.

Four-week bikini body challenge: week 2

How did you go with last week's workout?

Today we’re going to step things up a notch. This full-body workout engages all your major muscle groups, starting with a series of slow resistance moves, then moving quickly into a series of functional, dynamic exercises designed to get your fat-burners working.

Why does this workout kick serious butt?

Because the slower resistance moves will help build strength, core control and encourage your body to deplete those glycogen stores, then the functional moves will step in to blast calories fast.

What you’ll need…

Just your bod and a water bottle or light dumbbell. And for stage two, something for balance such as a table, chair, or park bench will do (if you’ve got a TRX or other suspension trainer, even better). A mat and med ball are handy but optional.

Here’s what you do...

For each set, you’ll have one slow compound and one fast functional movement, working for six minutes in total. There are four sets. You’ll do the slow movement for one minute, then launch straight into the functional one for the second minute, moving FAST! Repeat a second and third round of the same two moves before resting for one minute and moving on to the next set.

The bikini body workout

Watch the video for a full demonstration.

SET 1Four Point Push-up (3 sec down, 2 sec on the way up)
Switch Jump Lunges (see video for a demo – you’ll need your bottle or dumbbell)SET 2Split Squats (raised back leg), change legs each 5 reps (3 sec down, 1-2 sec up)
Plank Walk x 3, Mountain Climber x 10, Burpee x 1, repeat other directionSET 3Dead Bug Extensions (hold in middle for a second every time you switch)
Donkey Kong Roll-UpsSET 4Super stars (super slow movement and hold at the top for 2 sec)
Capoeira Lunges (leap as high and far to the side as you can each time)
Watch week one bikini-body workout video.Watch week three bikini body workout video.Watch week four bikini body workout videoThese workouts are a selection from the Bottoms Up! Fitness “BUF Bikini Overhaul” program. To find out more about Libby and her team, go to Bottoms Up Fitness.

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