Four-week bikini body challenge: Week 1

January 24, 2013, 12:00 am Libby Babet Yahoo!7

Fitness guru Libby Babet shows you how to get your bod into bikini-ready form.


If you overindulged during the summer break this workout series is just for you.

For the next four weeks, we're going to take you through a series of results-driven total-body workouts designed to get you back in bikini-ready form, fast. Each week, we’ll share a new do-anywhere workout, as well as a handy how-to video that demonstrates how to perfect each move for best results.

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So are you ready? Let’s start with week one...

Why does this workout kick serious butt?
This is a functional workout that will work your whole body. Because it’s high intensity, you’ll get a real heart rate rise which delivers results in as little as 15 minutes (you won’t want to go more than 30 min if you do two rounds!). High intensity training is much more effective than steady state cardio such as jogging, as it forces your body to burn more fuel in a shorter period of time. This means you’ll use your glycogen (sugar) stores faster, and start to work off any stored (Christmas) fat.

What you’ll need…

Just you and a skipping rope. No rope? No problem, you can substitute the skips in this workout for high knee jumps instead.

Here’s what you’ll do
Option 1: Going all out? Aim to do two rounds of the below workout and see how long it takes you.

Option 2: Set your alarm for 15 minutes and see how much of the workout you can get done in that time. Try to beat your score next time you try it!

The bikini body workout

Watch the video for a full demonstration.

100 x Skip Rope Jumps (or go for high knees instead)
90 x Squats
80 x Straight & Transverse Mountain Climbers (10 of each up to 80; left/right = 1)
70 x Forward-Backward Lunges (10 of each up to 70)
60 x Side Plank Hip Dips (30 per side)
50 x Capoeira Lunges
40 x Push-ups
30 x Tricep Dips
20 x Tuck Jump Burpees

10 x Plank Row (10 per side)

And when you've completed this round, get ready for the week 2 workout.

Watch week three bikini body workout video.

Watch week four bikini body workout video

These workouts are a selection from the Bottoms Up! Fitness BUF Bikini Overhaul” program. To find out more about Libby and her team, go to

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