Learn to love the body parts you loathe

January 7, 2013, 8:25 am

We all have them, those areas of our bodies we really love to hate. Here, top tips on how to fine tune some of your most whined about body bits.

Learn to love the body parts you loathe

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Even those with a kick-arse bod can’t help but wish they had tighter butts, leaner arms, or more defined legs from time to time. So here are our tips on how to fine tune those bits you love to loathe.

Upper Arms

It’s usually girls that complain about‘tuckshop lady arms’, or ‘bingo wings’ and that’s no coincidence because often flab in this area is due to low testosterone levels (not usually an issue in men!). Lean these babies out by adding resistance workouts that focus on big muscle movements like squats, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups and core stabilisation exercises. Eat more protein and ditch the sugars, starchy carbs and beer to see results.

Muffin Tops and Hips

Fat storage in these areas could mean your body has issues with insulin levels. Insulin moves glycogen (stored glucose/energy from food) to working muscles for use but when those muscles are full and don’t require any more energy, glycogen is ushered towards storage sites, which for women is often the hips. The only way to turn this situation around is to kick most sugars and grains to the curb for awhile – instead, get your carbs from vegetables (with the exception of white potato) and fruit(berries, apples, pears and citrus are best). Exercise is also incredibly important if you want to move those hips and interval cardio, or weight training is best for encouraging insulin sensitivity (which is what you want!)


Fat stored on the front of your tummy is usually hanging around due to high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, circulating in your system. The key to banishing soft bellies is reducing stress levels, which means cutting out stimulants and stressors like coffee, alcohol, sugars and starches. When it comes to exercise, definitely don’t do too much long, slow cardio (stressful to the bod and joints), instead focus on getting a couple of good quality weights sessions in each week, some short-and-sharp interval cardio sessions (stairs and hills, anyone?) and a couple of good remedial sessions, like yoga classes or nice, long walks. Even a decent stretch at home will do wonders!


When it comes to slimming down the legs, it’s all about eating lots of green veggies, particularly spinach and watercress, which contain certain things that help to lean out unbalanced legs, as well as avoiding foods that encourage your body to hold on to excess oestrogens. This means steering clear of soy products and all non-organic meats and dairy foods. With your exercise program, make sure you’re doing plenty of unilateral leg exercises, like multi-directional lunges, one-leg squats, one-leg deadlifts and stair climbs. Avoid too much distance running or cycling.

Droopy Butts

When it comes to the glutes, it’s all about exercises that lift and shape, so include lots of hip raises, deadlifts, squats and lunges, as well as lateral movements like lateral leg lifts. Drink plenty of water and avoid any and all processed foods to flush out toxins and clear cellulite.

And there you have it… scary body parts, sorted!

Which body part do you work the most on?

Read more from Libby and her team at bottomsupfitness.com.au

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