I Hate To Break It To You But If Your Grandma Had Any Of These 35 Things In Her Home You Are Officially Old Now

Pretty much everyone's grandma had...

1.That one bird clock that hung in her kitchen or basement and never really worked properly:

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2.The first television ever invented:

old fashioned tv

3.A tin of cookies that was NEVER FULL OF COOKIES:

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4.These candies that apparently only grandmas can buy:

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5.A cabinet full of glass you could NEVER, EVER touch:

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6.Little fruit magnets all over the fridge:

7.That one room you weren't allowed in with plastic-covered couches:

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8.And plastic-covered furniture, in general:

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9.Ribbon candy that was all stuck together and probably like nine years old:

10.A cabinet dedicated to just plastic bags that was slowly getting out of control:

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11.This exact blanket, probably laid out over the back of a couch:

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12.A stationary bike in literally the most random room it could be in:

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13.At least one room in the house with walls like this:

14.That one alarm clock that gave a big, red glow at night:

15.A phone that looked like you could call president Gerald Ford with it:

A corded rotary phone

16.Sewing pincushions just hanging around that you'd somehow be allowed to play with:

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17.Carpet protectors that definitely destroyed your toes on one or two occasions:

18.Towels that were for DECORATION, not DRYING:

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19.This gorgeous end table right in the living room...

Antique octagonal wood table with doors and handles

20.Which probably looked exactly like this:

old room that looks like its from a grandparents house

And most likely smelled of cigarettes.

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21.A set of Revere Ware cookware that they probably got as a gift several decades prior:


22.This exact chair, probably in the kitchen:

A metal armless chair with a footrest

23.This blender that probably was around before your grandma was and will be around long after you're gone:

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24.This exact bedspread on the bed:

Antique jacquard bedspread

25.A car with a door like this in the driveway:

old car door

26.This exact bowl:

A large checkerboard wooden bowl

27.This casserole dish that had permanent stains in it from years of abuse:

Old-school quart dish with glass top

28.A bunch of these to put under hot plates:

hatched plate

29.Old cloth calendars from like decades ago:

30.This exact bowl:

31.Chairs that probably sagged a little too much in the middle:

32.At least one pair of fake grapes located somewhere in the house:

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33.A ceramic Christmas tree, preferably one in green and white:

34.This exact coaster set:


35.And amber-colored wine glasses NOBODY DRANK FROM:

Grandmas love a goblet.