Hatch's smart sleep light for adults will be available next week

Mariella Moon
·Associate Editor
·1-min read

Hatch isn’t letting the coronavirus pandemic affect the launch of its first product designed with adults in mind. The company, which is known for its baby-focused products, is releasing its new smart sleep light device called Restore next week. We first saw Restore with its Google Home-like aesthetic back at CES earlier this year. Hatch calls it an all-in-one sleep system designed to help people stick to a personalized sleep routine, since users can program their own schedule using its companion app.

The device’s sunrise alarm gradually fills the room with light 30 minutes before a user’s alarm sound. If they’re having difficulties sleeping, they can use it to play sounds that induce sleepiness, such as white noise or the sounds of water or the wind. They can also use Restore as a reading light, though, with reduced blue light for a more relaxing ambiance.

The Hatch Restore light with be available on the company’s site for $130.