Hatch’s New ‘Dog Channel’ Is a Lifesaver for Anxious Pups

Hatch is all the rage on social media right now. People are swearing by the sunrise feature, the gentle alarm sounds that make you feel like you're waking up in a tranquil garden and not going off to war. However, they're definitely an investment.

If you're on the fence, there's one more thing that might push you over the edge: the newly announced "Dog Channel." With a $4.99/month Hatch+ subscription, you'll gain access to 30 different sounds that can help your pup calm down for bedtime, and a "recommended sunset pairing" that really enhances the vibe.

Hatch sent me a Restore 2 just in time for the 4th of July: it was my first 4th as a dog mom myself, and my dog has been known to be very easily scared by loud noises. We have one overstuffed cabinet in our kitchen that is just her sworn enemy, so I was worried about how she'd handle the fireworks.

It took a few minutes to pick out our routine, and we started using the device a few days before then, just to test it out. We kept the volume pretty low at first (my favorite is the Icelandic Waterfalls: Seljalandsfoss), which was perfect for the days leading up to the 4th.

As predicted, the fireworks made her super anxious. We had to close off the doggy door because we were worried about her going out and freaking out/getting lost, which was my cue to take her to bed. I ended up turning the waterfall sound up all the way, which did a surprisingly good job at drowning out the noise of the fireworks! She was fine all night, and when I woke up, she looked like this:

<p>Image via Allison Blair</p>

Image via Allison Blair

The 4th isn't the only holiday that people celebrate with fireworks; I know Labor Day is huge around here and there are typically firework shows for that, too. This little device is definitely getting its fair share of use with us!

What Makes 'The Dog Channel' So Special?

The Dog Channel was created specifically with dogs in mind, which is something completely new. Noise machines have been around forever, and general white noise helps lots of people sleep every night, but they're not designed for dogs - until now.

The Dog Channel was created by Hatch in collaboration with veterinarians who know exactly what helps calm a dog's anxiety. The 30-track library includes nature sounds like rivers or waterfalls as well as gentle musical sounds with piano or harp.

Studies have shown that music can help calm dogs with separation anxiety in particular, and easy, soft tunes are the best way to go. You can use the Hatch Restore 2 with or without the light and you can even set up routines in the app. It would be so easy to have the device start playing music every day when you leave for work. Just tap when you get back and that's that!

The Dog Channel also comes with a recommended sunset pairing called "Gemini" which is a yellow/green light. Dogs can see some shades of yellow, so it made me happy to think about them wanting to recommend a nightlight that dogs can see, too. I tried asking Gertie if she could see it, but unfortunately, Hatch's Restore 2 can't make my dog talk.

The alarm sounds that come with the device are also dog-friendly: I used the old iPhone "Radial" alarm sound every day for years, and it jump-scared both of us. But now, the "Forest Birds" alarm sound on our Hatch is a much nicer start to our day!