Harry Styles’ mother points out ‘irony’ in buzzcut backlash

Harry Styles’ mother points out ‘irony’ in buzzcut backlash

Harry Styles’ mother has hit back at fans who’ve been criticising his shaved head.

The singer’s mother, Anne Twist, took to Instagram on 17 November to defend her son days after he debuted his new hairstyle amid mixed reviews. In her Instagram post, she shared a photo of Styles’s new look — which was initially shared on his fragrance brand’s, Pleasing, Instagram account — and a screenshot of articles about his hair.

Some of the headlines in the screenshots were of one fan expressing how Styles’ hair change “ruined [their] entire life”, while another headline acknowledged that his hair would grow back and he could do what he wanted with it.

In the caption of her post, Twist went on to praise her son’s career so far, before questioning some of the negative reactions to his shaved head.

“When you consider that H has a legacy of kindness and inclusion, has always made every effort to make everyone feel seen and appreciated for exactly who they are … there’s an irony in the negativity he’s been shown for having a haircut,” she wrote. “Sorry but I don’t get it.”

She also included the emoji of a woman shrugging her shoulders, and the hashtag “TPWK,” referring to one of Styles’ hit songs “Treat People With Kindness.”

Many fans have gone on to praise Twist in the comments section on her post, while they also defended the One Direction alum from the criticism he’s received. They also encouraged social media users to stop making judgements about celebrities’ appearances in general.

“Appreciate you Anne! I love Harry and it upsets me that you even had to bring this up. He has so many fans who love him no matter what. We love him and you so much,” one wrote. “I’m sorry that this fandom can’t just love every version of Harry and appreciate his heart.”

“People have to learn to mind their own business and not make comments on choices on/and their not own bodies,” another wrote, while a third added: “So with you here Anne! His body, his choice! His hair doesn’t change his personality or who he is as a person.”

Styles first shocked fans with his buzz cut last week, as he and his rumoured girlfriend, Taylor Russell, 29, were spotted at U2’s Las Vegas Sphere concert. On social media, fans expressed their sadness at the departure of Styles’s signature locks, as he’s been known for his mid-length curls to more of a wavy mane throughout his career.

They also quipped that he is “Harry Styles but no hair to style” while another jokingly compared his look to Millie Bobby Brown’s shaved head in Stranger Things.

Throughout Styles’ career, fans have continued to get into a social media frenzy about his appearance. In July, fans expressed their “disbelief” when paparazzi photos showed the “Watermelon Sugar” singer on a boat trip in Bolsena, Italy, with the word “Olivia” seemingly tattooed on his thigh — an assumed tribute to his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Wilde. The word “colazione” — Italian for breakfast — also appeared to be written on Styles’ leg, though it’s not clear if there is a connection between the two tattoos.

However, his “Olivia” tattoo has also been attributed to the 2015 One Direction song of the same name, as well as his sister’s late pet cat.