Harry Potter fans lose it over phone light hack: 'I'm a wizard'

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Given everything we can do on our smartphones these days it probably sometimes feels like having a bit of a magic wand in your pocket.

And in true wizarding world spirit, of all the little phone tips and tricks that have come out along the way, there is one sending Harry Potter fans into a spin online this week.

harry potter
You'll feel like an actual wizard with this phone trick. Photo: Warner Bros

After going down the nostalgia lane in the highly-anticipated 20th anniversary reunion special Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts, one fan shared a post on Facebook, revealing that one of the popular spells used in the series actually works in real life!

At least it does on your phone - thanks to secret Potterheads Siri and Google Assistant.

"Attention Harry Potter fans," they started the post. "I was today years old when I realised that if I say 'Lumos' to my phone, the flashlight turns on."


harry potter lumos phone trick
This phone trick is sending Harry Potter fans into a spin. Photo: Facebook

For those non-magical muggles out there - the spell Lumos in the Harry Potter world lights up the end of a witch or wizard's wand to provide light.

Conversely, the spell 'Nox' makes it dark again.

Having tested it ourselves we can confirm Siri was clued in to both commands, as well as Google. Sadly, Bixby (on most Samsung phones) was a non-believer.

Fans of the series were floored by the revelation with the post gaining almost 5K comments in just a few days.

"Dead. Just tried. This. Actually works. all my dreams have come true. I’m a wizard," one excited person commented.

Flashlight on the phone. LED flashlight on a smartphone.
This is how we'll be turning our phone light on from now on. Photo: Getty

"This just blew my entire brain," another wrote.

"I tried and this actually works!!! My whole life is renewed!!!!!" was another reaction.

"Wtf. It works. I’m never turning my torch an another way again," one person said.

While one person confirmed both commands: "It works - lumos on and nox off - my life is now complete."

Apparently the Google assistant holds another special trick if you tell it: "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good", which shares a hint from the Marauders Map. We'll leave that one for you discover.

Of course, there were a few people who are not impressed by literal magic, with one person commenting: "Also if you just say ‘flashlight on’ the flashlight comes on. Magic."

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