This is what happens to a giant bath bomb in a swimming pool

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

The trend of watching bath bombs dissolve in water isn’t new, but these guys have taken it to the next level.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to throw a giant bath bomb into a swimming pool then wonder no more.

The team from Vat19 – a website that films ‘curiously awesome’ videos – have done it for you and the results, well, we can’t quite decide if they are mesmerising or just plain crazy.

“This is your regular bath bomb. But we are making one a tad bit bigger,” they said in the video which was shared to their Youtube channel.

The team set out to make a 900kg bath bomb. Photo: Youtube/Vat19

By a ‘tad’ they mean a 900kg monster black bath bomb.

Using a massive fibreglass mould, the team constructed the bath bomb using corn starch, citric acid, baking soda, and black dye.

They carefully removed the mould by cutting it away at the edge of the pool, and then rolled it in.

Check out the result in the video above. Be warned it does look like the monster from the deep at one point.

See what happens next in the video above. Photo: Youtube/Vat19

The video has already has nine million views online with plenty of people loving the idea.

“Oddly Satisfying,” one person commented.

Many however also laughed at the choice of colour, which didn’t look particularly appealing at first, with others wondering whether their pool filter had survived.

“How to ruin your pool: put a ton of bath bomb stuff in it,” one person wrote.

“Ew. I can’t swim in that. Looks like swamp algae,” another admitted.

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