"Too big or too small" - Instagram mum hits back at baby bump critics

Hannah Polites. Image via Instagram.

An Australian influencer is opening up about receiving harsh criticism from followers about her baby bump.

Hannah Polites, the blonde fitness blogger and midwife made headlines in 2016 while pregnant with her daughter, Evaliah, for her baby bump being ‘too small’.

Following the birth of son Arlo, the mum shared a candid shot of her still-swollen belly that earned her praise.

It seems however, her time in the sun is done with body-shamers coming out of the woodworks with their two-cents.

Just two weeks after giving birth to son, Arlo, the new mom revealed she was bump-shamed once again, this time for her bump being too big.

The Gold Coast, Queensland resident has been chronicling her postpartum experience with followers, and in a recent post, shared what it was like to have so many people talk about her baby bump.

“The body is so amazing,” Polites began her latest post, showcasing her body at 38 weeks pregnant and 13 days postpartum.

“Cannot believe how much more I popped with this baby compared to my pregnancy with Evaliah. I would get comments everywhere I went about how big I was and ‘am i sure there’s not two in there?!’”

“Arlo stayed in an extra week than Evaliah and was born 450g bigger, but was still well within average,” the mother-of-two continued.

Although some of Polites’s followers told her that her bump was ‘one of the biggest they’ve ever seen’, she says she remained unaffected by the jokes and messages about her body.

“Luckily, I don’t let the comments worry me as I knew my body wouldn’t grow a baby it couldn’t handle,” she explained. “I’m still not fitting most of my pre-baby clothes, so wearing the same things on repeat, just wanted to show you my honest postpartum.”

A welcome message

Polites’s posts have earned praise from fans not only for normalising postpartum bodies for moms and moms-to-be, but for men as well.

“All the women are like 'this is so important for women to know.’ Well I think men/boys also need to know,” one follower wrote.

“My brother came to visit me after I had my baby girl, when I left the room to use the bathroom he whispered to my parents, ‘She still has a belly though’ with a look of disgust on his face.”

Despite being known for her trim figure and bikini photos, Polites said she’s in “no rush to ‘bounce back’ to her pre-baby weight, and plans on taking six weeks off from exercising to “focus on my family and new baby.”

However, the blogger revealed that at least one member of her family has taken notice of her changing body.

“Evaliah has already asked why mama’s belly button ‘looks funny’ and why my skin on my belly is so soft and she now knows that it’s because my body created a beautiful life,” she wrote. “And that’s bloody incredible.”

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