"Hannah Montana" Star Mitchel Musso Spoke Out Following His Public Intoxication And Theft Arrest

You most likely know Mitchel Musso from his time as Oliver Oken on the classic Disney Channel TV show Hannah Montana.

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This past weekend, Mitchel was arrested at a hotel in Rockwall, Texas on charges of public intoxication and theft.

According to CNN, Rockwall police claimed that Mitchel "appeared intoxicated, entered the hotel, selected a bag of chips, and began eating them,” and that he allegedly “became verbally abusive and left without rendering payment.”

Now, Mitchel is telling his side of what happened that evening.

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In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Mitchel said he "was absolutely not drunk or drinking, and there was 100% no theft." "It's unfortunate, it's a misunderstanding," he added.

He also claimed to have never opened the bag of chips in question and alleged that a hotel employee who was "extremely disgruntled" and had "unhinged behavior" refused to serve him because he was only wearing a pair of shorts.

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"I didn't know it was illegal not to wear shirts these days," Mitchel added, explaining that he'd come from a docked boat on a nearby harbor and that the hotel employee was allegedly "agitated from the get go."

"He told me to 'get the fuck out,' were the words he used," Mitchel alleged. "And that kind of set me off. And he said, 'I'm gonna call the police,' and I said, 'Go for it.'"

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"I was the one who was being verbally abused and also harassed," Mitchel continued. "Someone ripping something out of your hand is not the most polite manners to have in this situation."

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Entertainment Weekly also spoke with the manager of the hotel, who said the situation was "sensitive" and had the following to say regarding Mitchel's allegations: "You know what, he can say whatever he wants to say. That's his story, that's fine."

Closeup of Mitchel Musso
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We'll see how all this shakes out!