This internet-famous anti-aging mask is utterly terrifying — yet it actually works!

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Components of the Hanacure All-in-One Facial set on a peach background.
This is quite possibly the most insane, yet effective, at-home skincare product. Period. (Credit: Hanacure)

If you've ever wondered what you'd look like as an extra on The Walking Dead, well, wonder no more. The Hanacure All-in-One Facial set will show you. The internet-famous beauty mask makes you look like a zombie when slathered on, no question about it. But once you wash it off....well, wow. Just wow. Few skincare products live up to the hype. Fewer still are worth the price. This one checks both boxes, and then some.

$110 at Hanacure

What is it?

Some background. I first came across the Hanacure facial after seeing multiple celebrities (hi, Kourtney and Drew) post about it on social media. I'm a sucker for anything that promises to turn back the clock. And I'll admit it, at this point in life, it takes more than soap, water, and a nap for me to look refreshed.

I haven't resorted to fillers (yet) mostly because I'm scared that something will go horribly awry and I'll look like a reject from the Real Housewives franchise. But show me a skincare product that swears to refresh, tighten, and lift, and I'm here for it. Yes, before you ask, I've tried clay masks, peels, scrubs, what have you. They make my visage look awake for the short term, but don't really do anything beyond that.

The Hanacure mask, developed by a Hollywood makeup artist and a chemist, is different — it's the weirdest, most potent face mask I've ever used at home. It's bizarre, in the most beautiful way.

Hands using a brush to mix beauty product.
Mix the two ingredients, then brush the goo on your face, and let it do its thing. (Credit: Hanacure)

How it works

The mask itself it made up of two different ingredients that you mix together, like the skincare version of a cocktail. You pour the lifting serum into the gelling solution to create a "purifying compound." You apply it to your face with a brush. Then leave it on for 20 minutes.

According to the brand, the mixture "absorbs and discharges all impurities deep in your pores. The Purifying Compound fuses with carbon dioxide in the air with our CO2 OctoLift™ technology and creates a strong binding force that produces the lifting and firming effects on your skin."

Beauty products, including a facial brush.
This shckingly powerful mask is easy to use and leaves no mess. (Credit: Hanacure)

How it feels

With some products, you wonder if they're doing anything. With Hanacure, you actually see the magic in action. The mask tightens like crazy on your skin, and makes your face feel like it's shrinking. There's no other way to describe it. It quite literally freezes your face, rendering it immobile.

It sounds crazy. Surreal. Bogus. But guys, it works. I too was dubious because in my opinion, many things that are internet-famous are nothing more than smart marketing blended with strategic celebrity endorsements. But this mask actually leaves your skin brighter, shinier, and smoother after you wash it off with warm water. Mine felt like velvet.

Think of how glowy you feel and look after a facial. This is as close to that as you can get without leaving the house. The brand says you need to use it consistently to see regular results, but even after one use, my complexion looked smoother and much less red.

The All-in-One Facial kit includes four applications which comes out to just under $28 per facial ($110 for the whole set). It really does feel like a professional treatment, so that price ends up being a bargain.

Don't forget the requisite zombie selfie!

$110 at Hanacure

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