Hamish Blake denies reports he's moving to New York with family

Eliza Velk
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Many people have been under the impression that Hamish Blake and his wife Zoë Foster-Blake are packing their bags and relocating to New York City, however, it seems that isn’t actually the case.

Speaking with Be, the True Story star has confirmed that he is “absolutely not” moving to New York to live and rather it’s a case of misinterpretation of his wife’s Instagram post.

“I hate to break it to you but sometimes [people] just read Instagram poorly and misread a story about a holiday and see buzzwords like ‘going to’ and ‘New York,'” Hamish tells Be. 

True Story star Hamish Blake has confirmed that he is not relocating to New York with his family. Source: Instagram / Zoe Foster Blake

The radio presenter explains that previous media reports had jumped to the conclusion the family were permanently relocating to the US after his wife Zoë said they were going to New York for a short while.

“I only heard about it because of people like…friends and family just offended that we’d move countries without telling anyone. We have to explain to them we’re not,” Hamish says.

“We are going to New York for a few weeks…not really moving ” he clarified about their so-called plans to ‘live’ in the Big Apple with their two children,  four-year-old Sonny and one-year-old Rudy.

The post that started all this confusion was shared by Zoë in early July, featuring their son back when he was only four-months-old in Mykonos, where she went into detail about their upcoming family holiday. 

In the caption the 37-year-old mum wrote that after spending time in Mykonos they will “head to Italy, then New York City, where we’ll live and work for a while.”

“All up, we will be travelling for three months, which doesn’t induce any anxiety in me at all, not a lick: I am PERFECTLY CALM. (You try fitting a family of four’s shit into two suitcases, especially when one of them is a dedicated holiday theme dresser.) (Rudy.),” she continued in the caption. 

After some time in New York, the family is then set to return home to Australia.

Currently, Zoë is living it up in Italy, while Hamish is back in Sydney for the premiere of season two of True Story with Hamish & Andy which airs tonight at 8:40 pm on Channel Nine.

According to the comedy duo, expect this year’s stories to be ‘crazier’ than ever with ‘more twists and turns’ ranging from life-threatening moments, romance and mystery.

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