Hamish Macdonald 'forced' to leave The Project

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Hamish will reportedly ditch the project for the Q&A gig

It looks like The Project will have to bid farewell to Hamish Macdonald as he embarks on his new gig hosting Q&A for the ABC, despite hopeful Ten spokespeople claiming the host could continue doing both.

The popular presenter’s shock move to the public broadcaster’s panel discussion show was announced on November 7 and comes after a few stints filling-in for the program’s veteran host Tony Jones, throughout this year.

The announcement initially sparked speculation around the host’s future at Ten, and now fresh reports suggest Hamish may not be able to have his cake and eat it too.

Reports this morning in The Australian’s Diary section, suggest Hamish will not be able to remain at the helm of The Sunday Project as initially hoped by Network Ten, and is being ‘forced to give up the role’ by the national broadcaster.

Hamish will be on the Q&A desk weekly, as well as reporting for Foreign Correspondent and continuing his work for Radio National.

The journalist has been on RN Breakfast for some time, but the amount of new responsibility will reportedly prevent him from continuing as a host for The Project or Sunday Project.

Contradictory messages

Despite initial reports from 10, it looks like Hamish will have to leave his role at The Project. Photo: Ten

The latest news flys in the face of Network Ten’s response to the announcement of Hamish’s appointment to the Q&A desk earlier this month.

Following the announcement, Ten was quick to congratulate their long-time contributor and confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle he would remain a part of The Project’s panel next year.

“Hamish is one of Australia’s most respected broadcast journalists and news presenters and is most deserving of this prestigious position,” a spokesman said.

“As well as hosting Q&A, Hamish will continue as a valued member of The Project family.”

It looks like the ABC doesn’t agree, however, with The Australian’s report claiming the broadcaster believes he will have far too much on his plate to continue on The Project.

Ten did not comment on the new rumours, reiterating their understanding that Hamish will continue with The Project in some capacity contrary to the current reports.

Impressive resume

Hamish’s impressive resume stretches back to the 1990s before he took taking up his first presenting gig with the UK’s Channel 4 in 2003.

Since then the 38-year-old has worked with Al Jazeera English and as an International Affairs Correspondent and with the US’ ABC before starting at Network 10 nine years ago.

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