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Nightmare Before Christmas Glasses

Halloween and booze go together like Jack Skellington and Sally, which is why you need these Nightmare Before Christmas Glasses ($35 for both or $20 for one) in your life.

These Halloween-Themed Wine Glasses Are the Best Way to Get Your Boos On

Halloween can be stressful - there are costumes to plan, candy to hand out, and parties and events to go to (and throw!). But rather than whine, how about having some wine instead? Halloween is all about dressing up, and you should dress up your booze as well by pouring it into a special Halloween-themed wine glass. Yes, it's far less subtle than using a solo cup, and people may judge you for choosing wine as your adult beverage of choice, but forget those witches. If you're looking for the best way to get your boos on this holiday, here are the Halloween-themed wine glasses that will help you do it.

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