No Offense, But The Photoshop On Halle Bailey's Newest Instagram Post Is Some Of The Most Questionable I've Seen

It may have been two days since Halloween, but I cannot stop thinking of Halle Bailey and boyfriend DDG's Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown costumes.

Closeup of Halle Bailey
Mike Coppola / Getty Images for Pandora

Halle and YouTuber/rapper DDG have been together since early 2022 (Fun fact: He's previously appeared to have rapped about how her having a male costar in The Little Mermaid made him so insecure, he wanted to dump her).

Halle Bailey and DDG
Mike Marsland / WireImage

ANYWAY, the couple's first Halloween costume was of Janet Jackson and Tupac in Poetic Justice, which you can see here.

Janet Jackson and Tupac
Eli Reed/Columbia/Kobal/Shutterstock

As well as...Whitney and Bobby, everybody!

At the risk of sounding rude, some folks questioned the...apparent use of photo editing around her armpit and right side:

"Who photoshopped that first pic?"
Halle Bailey / Via
"The editing here is CRAZY!!!!"
Halle Bailey / Via
"Girl the photoshop of the first pic"
Halle Bailey / Via

Of course, it's possible that any visible editing was done intentionally to try and match the vibe of the original album cover? What do I know about art?!

Closeup of Whitney Houston

For what it's worth, DDG's hat on the fifth image also appears to...not be there in real life:

That being said, plenty of folks admired Halle and DDG's recreation:

"The 7th photo is tripping me out"
Halle Bailey / Via

A handful of people also questioned why Halle and DDG decided to go as Whitney and Bobby of all couples. After all, the couple would often abuse cocaine and crack-laced joints, leading them to be high in front of their daughter, and Bobby admitted to smacking Whitney on one occasion.

"That couple?! Really?!"
Halle Bailey / Via
"Very interesting couple to be recreating..."
Halle Bailey / Via

Indeed, one of the photos they recreated was of Whitney reuniting with Bobby after his release from jail in 2000. On that occasion, he was arrested for a probation violation that stemmed from a prior DUI charge:

Whitney and Bobby embracing
Larry Marano / Getty Images

Regardless, Halle's sister Chlöe was a fan:

Screenshot of Chloe Bailey's Instagram comment which was the heart eyes emoji
Halle Bailey / Via

And Halle could be photoshopped into the unsettling likeness of Shrek and still look good, so there's that.