Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson Shares Bold Opinion on Travis Kelce’s Retirement Plans

As Travis Kelce considers a post-Chiefs career in line with that of NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson, the former player is sharing his candid thoughts bout the consecutive Super Bowl champ's future.

The retired Rams running back offered his take on the tight end's retirement plans in a brief chat with TMZ, who caught him while traveling through LAX earlier this week—not long after Kelce teased his eventual career shift on his podcast, New Heights.

“I want to broadcast when I'm done playing,” he revealed, indicating he'd once again follow in his older brother's footsteps. “I want to be right here and tell them about the game, the old ball coach, ladies and gentlemen.”

Dickerson, who enjoyed his own broadcast run as a sideline reported on Monday Night Football at the turn of the century, had nothing but promising thoughts about Kelce's next move, asserting, "Travis has a great personality."

"He's a great player," he continued. "He knows football extremely well. He's won a couple Super Bowls. I don't think you can lose with that."

"[He'll be] a great fit," he added.

There's no definitive timeline for when those dreams may come true, as the Chiefs legend has already said he'd play forever if he could.

“I’m never doing it," he recently declared after sitting through his brother's emotional retirement announcement. "Not after that speech...I don't want to go through that."

But if Kelce does snag his own timeslot after finally going through with his own speech, and if mom Donna made fans' wishes come true with her own Food Network show,  it would just take a series for Ed Kelce to get the whole family dominating the ratings.

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