"I Would've Left Him In The Car": People Have A Looot Of Opinions On How Justin Bieber Dressed For Hailey Bieber's Promotional Event

A wise person once remarked that Hailey and Justin Bieber often look like they're dressed for two very different events.

Closeup of Justin and Hailey

Indeed, while Hailey can often be spotted turning it up, Justin appears to go for a more perma-casual look. Is one of them appropriately formal for the events they're going to? Who knows!

Hailey and Justin
Robert Kamau / GC Images, Mega / GC Images, Ricky Vigil M / GC Images

Anyway, yesterday Hailey had a promotional event for Rhode's limited edition peptide lip treatment in strawberry glaze (try saying that fast) at a Krispy Kreme in New York...and, let's just say, their vibes are very different:

Justin and Hailey
Robert Kamau / GC Images

Let's break it down. Hailey wore a red mini dress with full glam, complete with little strawberry earrings. The two had also been at Bar Pitti for lunch earlier in the day, which is a celeb-loved Italian restaurant in the West Village.

Closeup of Hailey
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Then we have Justin, who wore a hoodie, cap, and Crocs. He also appears to have taken a Citi Bike for a spin after lunch.

Closeup of Justin
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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the images of the two together quickly went viral.

Closeup of Justin and Hailey
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Some thought that Justin was unbelievably underdressed:

id be so angry if i was giving the girls my best look of the year and here come my husband https://t.co/oyFbHX06QL

— siyyan (@siyyaninaas) August 28, 2023

Robert Kamau / GC Images / Via Twitter: @siyyaninaas

he’s always dressed like he’s about to go help his mom bring in groceries from the car https://t.co/vIlpzhqBHb

— Hurt CoPain (@SaeedDiCaprio) August 29, 2023

Robert Kamau / GC Images / Via Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio

I would've left him in the car

— Esme ☆★☆ (@delreyesme) August 28, 2023

Twitter: @delreyesme

I swear he dresses specifically to embarass her

— Angel (@Lorica1111) August 29, 2023

Twitter: @Lorica1111

Whereas some defended the casual getup:

very unpopular opinion but i kinda love that he clearly doesn’t want the attention on him. he wants her to stand out for her OWN event while he just shows up to show her love from the sidelines and i honestly love that 🤷🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/ZPDzy8a6Mc

— Isabel (@IsabelSings1) August 29, 2023

Robert Kamau / GC Images / Via Twitter: @IsabelSings1

And some just went for the memes:

How I dress my masculine sims vs feminine sims https://t.co/nxLS1BHq2D

— Sasha’s Space 💫🌙✨ (@sasha_sspace) August 28, 2023

Robert Kamau / GC Images / Via Twitter: @sasha_sspace

Either way, Justin himself joined in on the photo taking:

Justin taking a photo of Hailey

The two did indeed get their donuts:

And they topped the day off in gray sweats, complete with a "Hailey" hoodie for Justin:

Well then!