Gypsy Rose Is Going Viral For Her Clapback At People Visiting Her Old House Like It's A Tourist Attraction

Gyspy Rose has been out of jail for over half a year now.

Woman with wavy hair in a black top, layered necklace, and red jacket at a Lifetime event
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Since then, the Lifetime reality star has been gaining attention on social media, most recently for her jailhouse energy drink.

A woman in a kitchen holds a glass and smiles at the camera. A comment overlay asks, "Can you make videos doing prison makeup & other hacks?"

Now, her comment about people visiting the house she shared with her mother is going viral.

A Google Street View image showing a suburban residential area with a driveway, house, parked cars, mailbox, and trees

FWIW, this is the house, but it's blurred on Google Maps.


People have been visiting the house for a while now, and it's become an unlikely tourist destination since the Hulu show The Act debuted in 2019.

A woman wearing glasses and business attire with an ID badge steps out of a car in front of a house with a large porch

^That's the house from the Hulu show to give you an idea of what it looks like.


This trend is continuing into 2024, and there are a bunch of videos showing people driving past the house on TikTok.

Text reads: "The Gypsy Rose House" followed by an emoji with wide eyes and mouth agape

Reminder: This is the house where Gypsy Rose was subjected to years of abuse and ultimately where Gypsy's mother was murdered.


A video of a person visiting the house is currently going viral, and Gypsy jumped into the comments to respond.

Text in image: "Gypsy roses old house #gypsyrose #gypsy #springfieldmissouri #scary #foryoupage."

Here's what she said:

Gypsy Rose Blanchard: "Y'all have no respect or decency. A tragedy happened in that house, yet y’all visit it as if it was the Grand Canyon."

Yeah, definitely not the Grand Canyon. Murder tourism is weird!

A woman in a red suit jacket and shorts stands in front of a Lifetime backdrop, smiling
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As this person said, "People need to respect the family who lives there now."

"Melissa (Missy): People need to respect the family who lives there now."

But really, it's wild people live there to begin with.