Gymnasts share their worst fails in eye-watering challenge

Bianca Soldani
Acting Lifestyle Editor

Gymnasts from across the Twittersphere have responded to a call for their worst fails, and the results are eye-watering.

Professionals and amateurs alike have been posting their most painful-looking crashes, slips, and bellyflops caught on camera after being nominated for the #gymnasticsfailchallenge.

Some didn’t even need a nom to wheel out their funniest videos, or in some cases, compilation of video fails.

This fail from Kyla Ross looks painful. Photo: Twitter

Team USA’s Margzetta Frazier shared a particularly cringe-worthy one that sees her misjudge a landing on the balance beam and fall straight on her crotch.

Olympic gold medallist Kyla Ross is also familiar with slip-ups on the beam, and posted one of herself whacking both her leg and face as she fell to the floor.

Fellow Olympic medallist Laurie Hernandez went one step further and shared three of her favourite fails from gymnastic competitions.

It just goes to show that literally everyone makes mistakes.

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