This gym now has a dedicated 'selfie' room

Kristine Tarbert
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Even if you’re not a regular gym-goer you get the general gist – entering most gyms you’ll find a section with cardio machines, a weights section, and a stretching and cool down area.

But one gym has introduced a completely new room and it’s all thanks to the Instagram fitness and health revolution. That, and encouragement to take progress photos to help keep you motivated if you’re trying to achieve certain fitness goals.

And because the only mirror in most gyms can be found within a workout area, one gym in New Zealand now has a dedicated ‘selfie room’.

Anytime Fitness Hornby now has a dedicated selfie room. Photo: Facebook/Anytime Fitness Hornby

Anytime Fitness Hornby, in Christchurch, introduced the new room to their members on Facebook.

“We know how many of you love taking gym selfies,” the post read. 

Body positivity is so important to us and tracking the progress of your health and fitness journey is so rewarding! 

Photo: Facebook/Anytime Fitness Hornby

“Progress photos to track your your changes and results are super motivating and a great motive to keep pushing harder, so we created this space for you to be able to take your gym selfies in private.”

The ‘ultimate’ selfie room comes equiped with extra large mirrors and special lighting to help you look your best.

Progress photos are done for motivation. Photo: Getty

But there was also another reason the room was introduced.

Gym manager Xenia Traill said other clients were feeling uncomfortable when people were pulling out their phones to take selfies in the main workout area.

“We have club members who take their tops off to take photos, which is cool because they are confident,” she told NZ Stuff.

“But the thing is it can make other people feel slightly uncomfortable.”

They want to stop members taking photos in the main area. Photo: Getty

The idea has mostly been well received by patrons, with many keen to give the room a whirl themselves.

“Will be taking selfies all day now,” one person commented.

“I’m definitely using this,” said another.

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