Guy Sebastian's warning: 'My identity was stolen'

Anita Lyons
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Guy Sebastian wants you to know – he doesn’t send nudes.

The Battle Scars singer took to his Instagram on Wednesday, warning followers not to accept requests from multiple people who have stolen his identity.

“If you get a request from another Guy Sebastian account, it’s fake,” he wrote.

Guy Sebastian has warned his Instagram followers of fake accounts that have popped up on Insatgram. Source: Getty

“If you get friend requests from some random GS [Guy Sebastian] account, or requests to send money, bitcoin or nude pics, it’s fake.”

Finding the humour in the situation, he captioned the post with “Or is it….?”, but we’re absolutely going to go with “it is”.

Guy has a legion of followers on social media. Source: Getty

Guy is not the first Aussie star to go through the old copy and paste hoo-ha on Instagram.

Just last week, Bachelor beauty Senzana Markoski’s social media account was hacked to the point of no return.

The mother-of-two had to create an entirely new account to combat her hacker – even changing her name!

“Hey everyone, not married (yet) but needed to change Insta name after being hacked and thought why not as that will be my name soon,” the 37-year-old wrote.

Be careful if you get any nudes from celebrities, friends. They’ll be almost 100% not real.

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