Guy fakes being asleep on red eye to steal woman's seat: ‘The audacity’

A woman shared an experience with a shady plane passenger, and TikTokers could relate.

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The user Chelsea, aka @chelseazeferina, responded to a popular prompt by @destinyiriss where you finally get a window seat on a flight only for someone to demand you give it to them. Chelsea often travels solo, so she deals with situations and conflicts about plane seats all the time, but one obnoxious passenger stood out in her mind.

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One time, when she was boarding a red eye, a man was already in her window seat. He had his hoodie pulled over his head and sunglasses on to pretend he was asleep.

She tapped him to get his attention, and it was clear he was wide awake. He explained that he had booked the middle seat but didn’t want it and asked if he could have hers.

“It’s 11 o’clock at night. We’re flying a red eye to New York. I booked that seat on purpose. That’s my seat,” she told him before he got “all huffy and puffy.” The man reluctantly and dramatically moved all his stuff to the middle seat. Then she claimed he was “mad the entire flight.”

“The audacity to sit there, pretend that you’re sleeping and then get mad when I asked for my seat that I paid for and booked back,” she said. “People are crazy.”

The video racked up over 1,400 comments. Many flyers could relate to “the audacity” of other passengers.

“​​I always travel by myself and always book the window seat for multiple reasons and I’m sorry I’m not switching, no explanation needed,” a user said.

“A woman told me I ruined their trip – because I wouldn’t move. REALLY! Your WHOLE trip. Ugh!” another added.

“On one flight I was asked by 3 different people to move out of the aisle seat that I paid for. I refused,” a TikToker replied.

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