'The gulf in budget and quality is frightening'

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We asked for your views on Hibs’ 5-0 defeat against Aston Villa in the Europa Conference League play-off first leg.

Here’s what some of you said:

Ken: To put things in context Hibs have spent around £1.7m this summer, their highest spend in 20 years. Villa have spent around £100m every year in the last five. I hope our supporters can recognise why there is such a gulf in class and accept this was by far the worst draw we could have got.

Stuart: I've followed Hibs for over 50 years, albeit remotely as I now live in Brighton. I always knew we were never going to win the league or trophies, but knew we would play good football and that worked for me. The plan seems to be hoof it up the park and hope something happens, our tactics are awful. Watch Brighton and see what can be done to challenge.

Richard: The set-up was too narrow leaving Lucas Digne and Leon Bailey space aplenty and it didn't change when five goals went in. Lee Johnson must have little trust in central defenders and midfield to stop Villa. Villa were just several classes above Hibs, if Hibs don't beat Livingston the citing of budgets won't wash. Johnson needs to prove he can get his team to perform well and consistently well.

Kenny: It was another embarrassing defeat. The team has no structure and no pattern to our play. We have no midfield as they just passed through us. We looked like an amateur team, how long until someone at board level makes a change or do we need to get relegated first? The thing is we need to go back to Villa now.

David: It was a total mismatch, the gap between the top teams and others is getting bigger and money talks I’m afraid. This was evident at Easter Road.

John: The fans turned up but the team didn’t. There was a big gap in standards between Hibs and Villa. That kind of display is expected at Easter Road with Johnson in charge, he is clueless and papering over the cracks.

George: There were no real surprises. The quality showed and Hibs, after 10 minutes, were chasing shadows. We worked hard but it was difficult mentally to keep going against this level of quality. They are a top-10 Premier League club and it showed. The Hibs squad need to refocus on the league and put the return leg out of their heads. I’m proud of the squad, they worked hard but were outclassed.

Cam: The gulf in quality showed as our poor defence were humiliated. Lewis Miller was posted missing the entire match. Will Fish's Manchester United career is over after that performance, Paul Hanlon isn't up to it and Lewis Stevenson is finished, although I have always been a massive fan of his. Villa didn't need to get out of second gear.

Rhonda: I think this is the first time Johnson has picked the correct team. The gulf in class tonight was massive, but we need to be positive going into the game on Saturday and more importantly the second leg. We need to improve on our squad as our bench wouldn’t make an impact on a Premiership fixture sadly.

Fergis: I thought we started pretty well but the danger signs were coming, we just couldn’t cope with their speed, movement, passing and the way they controlled the game. The biggest disappointment was losing three headed goals, credit to Johnson and team for getting us this far and the effort they all put in but the gulf in budget and quality is frightening.