'Which one is the bride!?': Guest wears floor-length white gown to mate’s wedding

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If you had to look twice at the photo to work out which one of the two women in white is actually the bride, you’re not the only one.

This black and white photo of a newlywed couple and their friend at a wedding has gone viral after being shared to a wedding-shaming group on Facebook, and people are outraged by the guest’s choice of dress.

“It’s not a beautiful lesbian wedding. She’s a guest,” the image was captioned in the group.

Photo: Facebook
One woman is the bride, the other is a guest. Photo: Facebook

People were understandably left scratching their heads trying to work out which woman was actually the bride.

“But seriously, which one’s the bride?” one confused person asked.

“WOW. Which one is the bride,” another added, with multiple question marks.

“My eyes immediately went to the ‘bride’ on the left, thinking ‘wow she looks hot!” was a third comment.

It turns out the guest is the one in the floor-length figure-hugging backless dress, with a plunging neckline, while the woman on the right in a flowing white dress, is the bride.

The guest could be seen posing outside the wedding venue in another photo shared to the group.

Photo: Facebook
The guest also posed outside the wedding venue. Photo: Facebook

Most people slammed the ‘imposter’ for trying to upstage the bride.

“That’s a full-on wedding dress. That’s when the Maid of Honour takes a b*** out the back,” was one comment.

“It’s one thing to show up in white. It’s a whole other thing to show up in a wedding dress,” another agreed.

“I have no problem with white at weddings,” one person started defending, before adding “but bridal looks. Hard no b****.”

Some people wondered if perhaps the guests had been asked to wear white. Or whether the woman was actually a bridesmaid and the bride has chosen the white gowns for them.

But while it remains a mystery, the look is a definite no-no when it comes to wedding attire.

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