The gross thing Hughesy did live on air

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David Hughes has left his listeners horrified after doing something almost completely unthinkable live on air.

The Hit FM presenter was challenged to drink his own urine by his co-host Kate Langbroek after discussing a news story about a shock mass pee-drinking session in China. 

While most normal people would have said no, Hughesy left his fate in the hands of his listeners who (naturally) voted he should take up the challenge.

David Hughes was challenged to drink his own urine by his co-host Kate Langbroek after they were discussing a news story about someone else doing the same thing. Source: Instagram/HughesyandKate

The result was a super gross radio segment that has left many feeling squeamish.

Yes, David Hughes drank his own urine

After heading to the bathroom and returning with a full cup, the comedian proceeded to try the yellow stuff through a straw.

“The straw is in my mouth,” he said. “I’m about to do it.”

Without hesitating, he sucked the liquid into his mouth. Eww. 

Hughesy looked really unsure about his impending challenge. Source: Instagram/HughesyandKate

“There’s no issue there, it’s fine,” he declared straight after.

Hidden health benefits of wee

Just moments before the 47-year-old gulped down his own wee, Kate had been discussing the health benefits its claimed to have.

She read claims “it enhances immunity, prevents allergies, promotes a healthy heart”, but it didn’t seem to

However the comedian sucked it up, revealing his own wee tasted like tea. Nice. Source: Instagram/HughesyandKate

“I’ve never heard a doctor prescribe it,” she added.

During the possibly the most disgusting radio moment of 2018, viewers were described the nauseating details of Hughesy’s pee, including that it was “pungent”.

He finished by comparing it to “tepid tea” and we can’t deal.

We’re not sure we’ll ever recover.

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