Groomsman's 'cruel' act ahead of wedding sparks fury

Kristine Tarbert
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A wedding planner has revealed the moment a bride-to-be thought she was being dumped the night before her big day, all because of a prank played by a groomsman.

Sharing the tale on social media, where it eventually found its way on to Reddit, the planner explained they got a call from the “bumbling” client one day out from the wedding.

“The groom had sent her a bouquet of flowers. The card read ‘I don’t,” the post read.

“Well sh**. Now I’m in bed panicking and scramble to locate and contact the groom.”

Groom preparing for the wedding day
A groomsman's prank hasn't gone down well. Photo: Getty

It’s clear the hens and bucks parties had been held the night before, as the groom reluctantly answered the phone and said he had been sleeping - and most likely hungover.

“He’s annoyed and confused,” the post continued. “I think my words were, ‘John what’s going on? Why send flowers like that?’”

Turns out it was in fact one of the groomsmen who had sent them as a “stag party joke”.

“Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was furious,” the story concluded, with the planner adding in the comments that the groomsman in question had lost his spot in the bridal party but was still allowed to attend.

bridal flower
The bride had received a bouquet that read 'I Don't'. Photo: Getty

People were not impressed by the prank, slamming the groomsman for the idea.

“Holy sh** what an a******e!! There's no recovering from that when it's the freaking night before our wedding,” one person commented.

“How is this funny. I would take serious revenge on this guy for the rest of my time,” another agreed.

“That's so cruel! I'm so sorry,” was another response.

While a fourth wrote: “If a friend of mine pulled that shit, then I'd definitely kick him out of my life. There's a difference between doing a prank, and just being a prick.”

A few people said this highlighted why having a hens or bucks the night before the wedding was always a bad idea.

“And that, my friend, is why I will be having our bachelor/bachelorette parties any time other than right before the wedding,” one person wrote.

“Why why whyyyy would you have the stag party the night before? No one wants to be hungover at their wedding,” another agreed.

And sadly it seems pranking is a regular occurrence at weddings, with plenty of other people sharing their own horror stories.

“My male cousin got told about 10 minutes before the wedding by a groomsman that the bride left. (She had not.) He burst into tears. Why do people do this shit?” one person asked.

“Right before my wedding, literally moments before I walked down the aisle, my brother decided it would be hilarious to pull me aside and tell me my husband got too drunk in the hotel and is still there throwing up,” another bride revealed. “I immediately panicked, almost started crying, until he said “hurr hurr just kidding!” I’ll never understand why some people think those kind of jokes are funny.”

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