Groom dumps bride after discovering her 'insane' family secret

A groom has cancelled his wedding just days before the big event after he discovered his bride had been keeping a secret from him their entire relationship.

An acquaintance of the groom shared on Facebook the pair were due to get married on December 17, however he called it off after finding out she had two children.

"She never told him. I don't even know what to say!" the friend wrote.

"Why are some people like this ... two children and you never told the man??? That's insanity," he added later in the comments.

A groom and his bride walk holding hands in a field.
The groom had no idea what his bride had been keeping from him. Source: Getty

People on Facebook were shocked by the groom's discovery, with many slamming the bride for her dishonesty.

"I sincerely wonder why someone would hide a human being. How long can you do that?" one questioned.

"I love what he did. It's not about having kids... it's the toughness of mind to hide such huge life issues from him," another commented.


"Even if you don't tell a man that you have kids immediately when you meet him, which might not be the best option in your own interest, you have to tell him some time [during] the relationship when you are sure he really loves you," a third added.

"He did well. I would do the same. A secret this serious should be put on the table for serious discussion before the relationship gets anywhere," somebody else claimed.

The bride claimed the bridesmaid held onto the groom so she wouldn't fall. Source: TikTok
The bride claimed the bridesmaid held onto the groom so she wouldn't fall. Source: TikTok

It comes after people shared their concerns a groom was cheating on his bride with their bridesmaid after they were seen holding hands in a group wedding photo.

The photo shows the bridesmaid grabbing onto the groom in a photo where he is kissing the bride.

The groom claimed in a TikTok the photographer asked the bridal party to do a "crazy" pose while the newlyweds kissed but the bridesmaid grabbed onto the groom as she became unstable and was about to fall.

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