Grillo’s Just Solved the Most Frustrating Problem With Its Pickles

Thank you, Pickle Sam Sam.


Grillo's Pickles/Allrecipes

We’re pretty sure this isn’t a hot take, but Grillo’s Pickles are some of the best on the market. The refrigerated spears—and subsequent products, like the pickle chips, sandwich makers, and Pickle de Gallo—have a huge following among pickle lovers.

There’s just something about the fresh-packed pickles with real dill leaves and hunks of garlic that make our pickle-eating experience that much better.

As much as we love Grillo’s Pickles, however, we’ve always had one complaint—and we know basically every other fan has, too. It has nothing to do with the pickles themselves (they’re perfect), but with the packaging they come in.

If you’ve ever eaten Grillo’s Pickles, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Getting the lid off the plastic jar is an incredible feat.

We can’t count the number of times we’ve broken our nails and scraped up our hands trying to pry the plastic lid off. And that’s not even mentioning the pickle juice that spills out over the top if you put just the tiniest bit of pressure on the lid.

“Best pickles I’ve ever had, worst pickle packaging I've ever experienced,” one TikTok user commented under a Grillo’s Pickle video.

The whole process of getting the lid off a Grillo’s Pickle jar has basically become its own meme on TikTok—even one that Grillo’s itself got in on. But, at least, we always knew those crunchy, briny pickles would be the reward for our hard work.

However, now, Grillo’s Pickles has finally heeded our many pleas for a new jar. That’s right, the iconic Grillo’s Pickle you know and love has a whole new look—and a whole new lid.

Grillo’s Pickles Is Changing Its Jars

Grillo’s Pickles announced via Instagram and other channels that it’s changing its infamous jar. The new jar will include a screw-off lid—meaning you’ll never have to fight to open your pickles again, nor will you be wearing the brine after any jar mishaps.

The new screw-top jar will begin rolling out to retailers nationwide this summer. Grillo’s new jar design will start with the classic Dill Pickle Spears, but the brand says it will change the Pickle Chip and Pickle de Gallo containers later this year, too.

While the lid is getting a complete makeover, that’s the only thing that Grillo’s is changing. Don’t worry, they’re still using the same recipe, same-sized jar, and selling them at the same price as before.

We guess the squeaky wheel really does get the grease. Thanks, Grillo’s. Now on to our next mission: widening the Pringles can so we can actually get our hands in there.

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