Greg Kading on investigating Tupac's death, conspiracy theories and his new live show

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Photo: Build Series Sydney
Photo: Build Series Sydney

When it comes to mysterious murders in the music world that have been talked about for years on end, Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls’ deaths are right up there.

Former LAPD homicide investigator Greg Kading was at the centre of the investigations into these rappers’ deaths in the 1990s, his work even sparking the production of American true crime TV series, Unsolved.

The 56-year-old recently stopped by Build Series Sydney to speak about his work, address a series of conspiracy theories, and shed some light on his live shows in Australia.

“When I got involved in the investigation, it was almost nine years after the fact. They were both cold cases,” he told host Hayden Quinn.

“So I had to educate myself as to who these guys were, how were they impacting the genre of music that they were involved in, and also the environment that they were working in.

“And that gang environment is ultimately what led to their demise.”

Watch the complete video above to see Greg’s complete interview.

Photo: Build Series Sydney
Photo: Build Series Sydney

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