Greenland media guide

Annaassisitta Oqaluffia, church of our Saviour among snow in Historical center of Nuuk, Greenland
Greenland's capital, Nuuk

Kalaallit Nunaata Radio (KNR) - the Greenland Broadcasting Company - provides public radio and TV services across the island. Broadcasting in Greenlandic and Danish, it is the main source of news and entertainment.

Private local TV and radio stations operate under an umbrella body, STTK. Digital pay TV is available in Nuuk. Danish public radio is rebroadcast.

There are no daily newspapers. The major titles - a weekly and a bi-weekly - publish in Greenlandic and Danish. Weather conditions can delay distribution.

The Greenlandic government controls media legislation. Officially, press freedom is guaranteed. But the independence of local journalists has been questioned, with cases of media workers coming under apparent political pressure.

There were 52,000 internet users by July 2022, comprising 91% of the population (


Television and radio