Greene-Maynard contest looms as AFL finals showstopper

Even Brayden Maynard's teammates want to see the Collingwood bull go toe-to-toe with Toby Greene.

The hard-nosed defender is free to play in the Magpies' AFL preliminary final after being found to have no case to answer for his smother that knocked out Angus Brayshaw.

Maynard shapes as the perfect option to go with superstar GWS captain Greene at the MCG on Friday night.

Greene was suspended for the 2019 preliminary final win over Collingwood and missed GWS' loss earlier this year through injury, making a potential match-up all the more tantalising.

"I want to see that happen to be honest," defender Nathan Murphy told AAP.

"Bruz, he's had a go at him in the past couple of years, Q's (Isaac Quaynor) had a go.

"So I dare say there probably will be a match-up there but our system will look after them as well. We want to see those boys playing to their strengths as well so we won't forget that.

"But as a football fan as well I would love to see some of that (Greene-Maynard) match-up happen - it would be great."

Greene isn't the only dangerous part of the Giants' forward line.

Smalls Toby Bedford and Brent Daniels are smart and creative, while Jesse Hogan is in the midst of a career-best season and kicked 4.4 against Port Adelaide.

If Greene is the main event, Murphy is more than happy to take on Hogan as an entertaining sideshow.

"For a number of years now, he's been a really dominant forward and what he's capable of in terms of being really athletic, but also really strong with his body work as well," Murphy said.

"He's honestly been one of the harder opponents I've had to play on and GWS are moving the ball in a way which is allowing him to play to his strengths,

"I get really excited by these things, it's finals football, it's why you want to play football because you get to play on the best.

"But the thing about us is there's no one-v-one match-ups. We're a seven-man backline that will help each other out.

"So I know if I do get him I won't ever really be left on an island, they'll always be helping me - which is a nice feeling to have."