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Grays be gone: This sweat-resistant root concealer is just $9 at Amazon

Fans say the easy-to-use spray 'takes years off' in 60 seconds when they can't make it to the stylist.

3 cans of Gray Away spray in medium/light blonde, black, and medium brown
Just spray the grays away! (Amazon)

Sure, there are plenty of silver foxes out there — just look at bombshells like Andie MacDowell and Helen Mirren, who sport their gorgeous gray locks in style. But if you're not a fan of your own grays, there are plenty of affordable ways to keep them at bay without the help of a colorist. Temporary root and gray hair cover-up products are a dime a dozen, but few truly work, and the ones that do usually cost an arm and a leg. Everpro's Gray Away line is not only effective, fans say, but easy on the wallet — the Root Concealer Cover Up Spray is just $9 for most shades at Amazon.

Available in five shades from Light/Medium Blonde to Black, this spray conceals graying roots, thinning hair and more for up to 24 hours.

$9 at Amazon

This spray is the fastest (and arguably the most fool-proof) way to touch up your roots. Just give the can a good shake, hold it 2-3 inches from your roots (or any other patches you might want to touch up) and spritz away. According to multiple reviewers, it clings to your hair and not your scalp, so you won’t end up with an unnatural shadow over your hairline, and it lasts up to 24 hours for all-day, natural-looking coverage. It's even transfer-, rain- and sweat-resistant, which is super important for these summer months! Plus, like all Everpro Gray Away products, it's available in multiple colors — Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, and Medium/Light Blonde — so it's easy to match your shade.

Best of all? You don't have to feel guilty about damaging your hair between in-salon touch-ups, like you might with other at-home dye products. Gray Away is free of ammonia, peroxide, synthetic dyes, sulfates and parabens, so you won't be doing your strands a disservice by sneakily covering up that sprinkle of salt.

before and after image of woman with gray roots and brown hair, and then after using the spray with brown roots and hair
You'll notice the difference — and the self-esteem boost. (Amazon)

There are tons of Amazon shoppers who are fans of the gray-banishing spray — many of them rave that the color is both long-lasting and natural-looking.

"I hope the company never stops making this," gushed one devotee. "Not only does it cover gray, it also makes the hair look much fuller!"

Another user agreed, writing, "I've tried several different types and brands to cover gray, nothing worked as well as this. I've never had an issue with color coming off after it dries. You only need a light spray — if you use a lot, it does make hair feel heavy."

A third reviewer shared an emotional story: "I had chemotherapy for five months. During that time I was not supposed to dye my hair. As my color faded out with each wash, I was disappointed to see the gray. That, along with shedding quite a bit of hair, was disheartening. ... This product made me feel better about my appearance during a tough time."

"I have alopecia developed after burns and damage to my scalp from a botched highlighting job at 24. The hair never returned," said a final fan. "I'm 47 now, and grays have been showing up for several years. I always said I'll never settle for going gray, but I haven't touched my hair since that event occurred, and don't want to dye it at this time, due to natural fear ... The coverage of this is just as good as that name brand competitor's product, if not better, and it looks insanely natural! The grays actually do just fade away into my natural, surrounding hair color. ... [This spray] takes years off and makes me feel more confident!"

Don't worry — this stuff dries in 60 seconds and stays put even when you're sweating.

$9 at Amazon

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