Grant Denyer's daughter Sailor rushed to hospital

Rebekah Scanlan
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Grant Denyer has had to rush his eldest daughter, Sailor, to hospital after she had an accident at home.

The former Family Feud host took to Instagram to say his seven year old had “unsuccessfully” tried to do a backflip at home, which result in a late night trip to the emergency room.

“Uh oh,” the 40-year-old wrote, alongside a photo of him and his daughter waiting to see a doctor and a red siren emoji. 

Grant Denyer has revealed he had to rush his daughter Sailor to hospital. Source: Instagram/GrantDenyer

“Someone did their first cartwheel into a backflip. Unsuccessfully. Suspected concussion,” he added. 

Grant, who also has three-year-old Scout with wife Chezzi, is a proud dad and regularly shares photos of his daughters on his social media pages.

He’s a doting dad to Sailor and Scout, opening up to Be in the past about how much he adores having two daughters. Source: Instagram/GrantDenyer

Last month though, Grant told Be about parent-shaming he receives for not having had a son.

“What offends me is when people go, and I’ve had this quite a few times, ‘ahh you’ve got two girls, clearly you want to go for a boy,’ like you wouldn’t be happy with two girls,” he said. 

“I adore my two girls and I don’t need anymore in my life,” he continued. “They are the loves of my life and they’re daddy’s girls. We don’t feel like there’s anything missing.”

Fans have flooded his Instagram page with well wishes for Sailor, who had suspected concussion after an accident at home. Source: Instagram/GrantDenyer

While Grant has yet to update his followers on how Sailor is doing after her unexpected trip to the ER, fans have been quick to send their well wishes.

Sending much love for a speedy recovery,” one wrote, while another parent sympathised saying “pesky cartwheels” often ended up with bumps and bruises with her kids too. 

Many however saw the funny side, suggesting Grant was a little too old to be attempting backflips with his kids.

It’s thought Sailor, seen here earlier in the month, is recovering well. Source: Instagram/GrantDenyer

“Hope you’re OK Grant. Those cartwheels are hard when your a little older,” one user said. 

“You’d never done a cartwheel before, Grant?” another teased. 

We hope Sailor is now fully on the mend.

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