Grant Denyer: 'I'm shamed for not having a son'

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He’s one half of the blossoming bromance known as Grant & Ed who co-host alongside fan fave Em Rusciano.

But when Grant Denyer’s not entertaining Australia with the duo’s signature dad-joke style humour, the 2DayFM host is a doting dad of two girls.

The 40-year-old tells Be he’s extremely proud of the female strong family he shares with wife Chezzi, but has revealed he’s regularly quizzed over the fact he doesn’t have a son — and it makes him “angry”.

Grant Denyer and Ed Kavalee are enjoying a special bromance on 2DayFM while co-hosting the breakfast show with Em Rusciano. Source: Be
But when he’s not making Australia laugh, he’s an adoring father to daughters Scout and Sailor. Source: Instagram/GrantDenyer

“What offends me is when people go, and I’ve had this quite a few times, ‘ahh you’ve got two girls, clearly you want to go for a boy,’ like you wouldn’t be happy with two girls,” he explained.

“I adore my two girls and I don’t need anymore in my life,” he continued. “They are the loves of my life and they’re daddy’s girls. We don’t feel like there’s anything missing.”

When he had daughter Sailor, Grant was left “angry” when someone suggested he would have been happier with a son. Source: Instagram/GrantDenyer

Talking exclusively to Be after seeing the Em, Grant & Ed show’s recent one per cent climb in the radio ratings, the 40-year-old dad of Sailor, six, and Scout, two, opened up about how gender shaming affected him.

“I had a guy come to me when Sailor was born and he goes, ‘so you had a girl first, are you a bit disappointed it wasn’t a boy, like you must want an heir?’

“But I’m not currently the head of a royal family,” Grant said. “I was so angry. We’d managed to bring a human into the world who we loved more than anything, like how can you be disappointed?”

Ed is also a dad and their unique take on fatherhood is proving popular with audiences. Source: Instagram/TiffinyHall

Grant’s passionate views on fatherhood are one of the things he shares in common with comedian Ed Kavalee, who was brought in alongside him to join Em on the previously struggling breakfast slot.

The pair clearly bounce off each other on air, with both regularly sharing those horrendous yet oh-so-relatable parenting stories with their audience.

“When I talk to Grant or Em off air, that’s what we’re talking about,” Ed told Be. “Sometimes you do something and people say, ‘yes I agree with you’ or other times they’ll say, ‘you’re absolutely crazy’ and that’s fun.”

While Ed, who is dad to Arnold with his wife, Biggest Loser trainer Tiffiny Hall, hasn’t experienced gender shaming, he doesn’t shy away from letting their growing audience into his personal life.

The boys are having their bromance alongside Em Rusciano. Source: Instagram/GrantDenyer

Recently he opened up about his decision to drink his wife’s breast milk on air, telling Be he doesn’t see why it’s so controversial.

“Body builders in America pay $200s for a cap of it, but Tiff’s giving it away for free,” he joked.

Last month, viewers lost it when Grant channelled his inner Channing Tatum and gave Ed, 38, a sexy strip tease.

Last month, Grant hilariously stripped for Ed. Source: Supplied

With chemistry like that, the boys’ budding bromance sure is showing no signs of slowing down.

We can’t wait to hear more from them.

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