Grant Denyer has a sexy Magic Mike moment

Rebekah Scanlan

We're used to seeing Grant Denyer in his signature Family Feud suit or racing driver leathers.

But during his 2DayFM breakfast show this morning, the dad-of-two had a Magic Mike moment when he stripped down to his jocks and gave his co-hosts a lap dance.

The radio presenter was practising ahead of his acting debut on Street Smart for co-hosts Em Rusciano and Ed Kavalee in which he plays a policeman, and things got a little out of hand.

Grant Denyer stripped off to reveal his hot dad bod whilst live on air, even giving Ed Kavalee a seductive lap dance. Source: 2DayFM

Dressed in a blue police uniform — which is the outfit of choice for lots of strippers — Grant began really getting into character.

After completing various different lines from his new role, the 40-year-old turned to Em and Ed and announced he had a "concealed weapon" to show them.

Things started off innocently enough, with the team helping Grant practice for his role as a cop in a TV show. Source: 2DayFM

"You're about to see the full length of the law," he said, as he peeled off his shirt.

Despite Em, 39, covering her face with her hands, Grant wasn't done yet and proceeded to remove his hat and finally his pants.

Em Rusciano literally couldn't deal with Grant getting naked. Source: 2DayFM

"Oh my God he's stripping off," Em told listeners, as he began to parade around the studio in just his jocks, waving his pants around in the air shouting, "Yeah you like what you see?"

Things then took a steamy turn, when Grant jumped into the lap of an unsuspected Ed and began channeling his inner Channing Tatum, even putting fake handcuffs on Ed as he moved his hands up and down his body.

Grant went full on Magic Mike on Ed, even handcuffing him. Source: 2DayFM

"Things escalated a little quicker than I thought," Grant told Be exclusively, when asked about the raunchy moment. "Radio moves faster than television. It started with me getting acting advice for my acting debut that ended up being a strip routine."

"I don't know how it got from A to B but we got there," he added.

However, Ed revealed Grant was definitely more keen to get his kit off than he was making out.

It's not the first time Grant has bared all, seen here on a billboard he gifted his wife Chezzi. Source: 2DayFM
Grant definitely loved getting his kit off. Look at that happy face. Source: 2DayFM

"He got one of our producers to cut the seams of the policeman's pants down the sides and put bulldog clips in them so that you could rip them off," he said to Be earlier.

Seeing Grant in his undies has definitely made our day. Enjoy!

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