Gracie Abrams On Opening For The Eras Tour, Her Most Useless Talent, And So Much More

So, you know Gracie Abrams.

A woman poses on a red carpet, wearing an elegant black strapless crop top and a matching skirt with statement earrings
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

She just released her latest album, The Secret of Us, which features my new song of the summer, "Close to You," and a collab with Taylor Swift (!!!!!!).

So, to celebrate this release, we invited Gracie to sit down, have a chat, and answer 30 questions as quickly as she possibly could.

A woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a long-sleeved, buttoned-up white shirt, sitting and smiling

She used three words to describe her album The Secret of Us:

Gracie Abrams gesturing during an interview with BuzzFeed Celeb, next to the words "Wistful," "Funny," and "Sincere."

She revealed where she was when she found out she'd be opening for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour:

Clairo in a casual outfit sitting and answering a question: "Where were you when you found out you'd be opening for the Eras tour?"

And shared that just like the rest of us Swifties, her favorite era depends on the day:

Young woman sitting and talking in an interview, smiling and wearing a buttoned-up blouse and striped pants

She revealed what her most useless talent is,'s actually pretty cool:

A woman with shoulder-length hair in a white shirt, seated and speaking in an interview-style setting

If you're curious about what else she talked about, go ahead and watch the video here:

And be sure to take a listen to Gracie's new album The Secret of Us.