Goth reveals its dark heart in fashion week spotlight

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Flavio Brancaleone/AAP PHOTOS

There's a sense of lightness to many of the designs at Australian Fashion Week, with goddess dresses in pastels and creams, beachwear and sheer net slips.

So far, so beachy Sydney, but there's a handful of designers exposing a dark underbelly... and belly is indeed the word.

Designer Erik Yvon sent male models down the runway in chunky heels, goth-inspired velvet and fishnets on Tuesday, bellies - hairy or not - on show.

The following day, Injury's red-and-black looks featuring leather and tiers of belt embellishments channelled a similar vibe.

"I have always loved goth culture, I love to reinvent goth to a more contemporary aesthetic," the label's founder Eugene Leung told AAP.

The designer's other influences are technology and futurism. The garments are designed and tested via 3D computer modelling, which reduces the need for sample production as outfits are developed.

Injury's collection was also shown in the metaverse, with a digital film created even before the physical clothing was manufactured, and Leung was enthusiastic about the show's reception.

"It was fantastic! I feel so good, I was so excited, I haven't done anything like this before," he said.

Sure, Injury sent sheer dresses down the runway too, yet in Leung's styling they were not floating and feminine, but punk.

Thursday's runway shows had high end monochrome suiting from Albus Lumen, prints from first nations designers at the Ikuntji artists show, and psychedelic stripes from Vermer.

Fashion Week is on at Carriageworks in Sydney until Friday.