Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef meltdown over salmon

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It was always inevitable and we were just biding our time until guest MasterChef judge, Gordon Ramsay SNAPPED.

Bringing the much-needed drama to the show, Gordon lost it at Blue Team leader Chloe Carroll, after she gave him “rubber” salmon.

Guest Masterchef judge loses it over salmon on Wednesday’s episode. Source: Network Ten

After taste testing the pink fish, Gordon was not happy, Jan.

“Chloe, come on! The team have fragmented,” he yelled – and we were completely scared for her.

In true Ramsay fashion, Chloe was made to taste her own cooking and realised it wasn’t good, while the TV chef reiterated it was “way over-processed” and tasted like a “rubber ball”.

Gordon was NOT happy with the contestants on Masterchef Australia. Source: Network Ten
Gordon is a guest judge for Gordon Ramsay week. Source: Getty

If this wasn’t humiliating enough, the foul-mouthed chef then threatened to close the entire operation down.

And it didn’t end there. Later on, Gordon was handed more salmon that wasn’t up to snuff.

“Come here! That’s raw! I could put that back in the f**king sea and it’d start swimming!” he yelled at the Blue team before throwing the piece of fish at the wall.

Gordon threw salmon at the wall to make a point that it was in fact, terrible. Source: Network Ten

While the contestants were shaking in their boots, TV viewers hoped he would be staying for another week.

Oh, the drama.

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