Gordon Ramsay's best advice before opening a restaurant

Eliza Velk
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When it comes to opening a new restaurant Gorden Ramsey certainly knows his stuff.

After opening his own Michelin-star restaurants, the chef has since devoted his time to helping others on his new show 24 Hours to Hell and Back. 

Throughout the series, he brings his renowned tough-love attitude to restaurants that are on the verge of closing and helps the staff bring them back to life again.

Speaking on BUILD, Gordon admits that after working in the kitchen for over 15 years, “My job now is to conduct, perfect and enhance,” in terms of offering his best professional advice.

So if your someone that is looking to open up a new restaurant, this show comes with an eye-opening insight into what Gordan now calls a “ruthless” industry.

Gordon Ramsay speaks to BUILD about his new show 24 Hours to Hell and Back where he transforms failing restaurants into successes. Source: BUILD

However, one of the best pieces of advice for restaurant newbies is to understand what you’re getting yourself into – having a passion for cooking simply isn’t enough, you also need to know how to run the business side of things and how to do it properly.

“65 percent of restaurants close in the first 18 months of business so if you’re going to put this in now and work your a** off, do it properly,” Gordon says in true tough-love spirit.

Another word of advice for those dreaming of their own restaurant is to do a test run first.

“Do a pop up for 48 hours and shut it down,” Gordan says. This will be the determining factor of whether you’re really cut out for the tiresome task of operating a business.

“Don’t fall in love with being in a glamorous industry where you think it’s all hunky dory and it’s gonna make you rich and famous because it’s not,” he says.

Gordon Ramsay highlights that the restaurant industry is not as glamorous as you might think so know what you’re getting yourself into. Source: BUILD

Gordon also stresses the importance of consistency – make sure you’re qualified and know how to cook properly and never assume the customer won’t know when something isn’t up to scratch because most often, they will.

And finally, “Don’t get greedy. Pace yourself and don’t cram in those reservations.”

Many new restaurants may become popular really quickly, but Gordan suggests that you don’t take all the reservations at once, instead pace them out over a few weeks so that you can manage them.

At the end of the day, the chef explains that it can be one of the greatest compliments to a restaurant if people can’t get in straight away.

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